Functions & Birthdays

Celebrating a birthday? Or need to take your colleagues out of their daily work environment to better discuss business strategies? Then nothing beats the tranquil JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas to relax, work or make merry.

The venue can accommodate 50 to 120 people, and the varied refreshments and luncheons are always presented in an original, sophisticated manner.

Parties can be themed to meet your needs, but the bohemain venue, adorned in JanHarm's incomparable style, is also ideal for creative thinking, planning and team building.

You can enrich your team-building session or party with a steam train trip from Pretoria to Cullinan, which can be booked through:

Otherwise, a bus can be arranged for any group.

A game drive, mine tour or traditional dancers are always popular additional activities for guests. Furthermore, live entertainment such as saxophone player can complement the picnic lunch or dinner while a DJ can be arranged for dancing.

Accommodation is easy as Cullinan boasts several charming guest houses of which Gastehys JanHarmsgat is very popular with the boss or birthday boy/girl.