Floor Plan | Vloerplan

Layout of Janharmsgat se Agterplaas
Floor plan with table names

Tables can be set for 4 to 8 guests per table. The 4-seater tables are 1400mm long by 600mm wide, while the 8-seater tables are 2800mm long by 600mm wide. They  have all been named after the following picturesque Cullinan streets:

  • Railway Avenue
  • Poplar Avenue
  • Pine Avenue
  • End Street
  • Library Avenue
  • Ross Road
  • Bluegum Road
  • Jacaranda Avenue
  • Jasmine Avenue
  • Park Road
  • Coronation Street

* Please note this is a non-smoking venue and that the floor plan for weddings must be finalised 2 weeks before the event.